Lovers in the Night

A chance meeting in the (beautiful) Guernsey branch of HMV with the effervescent Johnny-O got me involved with this delightfully madcap project. John works for as well as being involved with the local music scene and had the idea of getting bands to record a music video promo on a bus. The Recks were game and threw themselves into the project. It was great working with them and swapping ideas about the video on set. Oh yeah, there was zero planning involved! I had never met them before turning up for the shoot and it was wonderful! A truly collaborative project that echoes the manic runaway train feel of their song.


Drifting (in the Light)

Flexagon & Mike from BuffHudd asked for a simple video for a track they working on; Drifting (into the Light) deserved much more than that! This project gave me the opportunity to film in some of my favourite locations in Guernsey; the result really puts you in the moment of reflecting on a beautiful evening.

The full song, released on 2nd December 2016, is available here:

Kiss to the Camera

My friends in  Black Capsule needed a video for a competition. I had some production ideas and equipment I wanted to test. I made this with help from @elmarkodotorg.