Your media is your first impression; make it a positive one.

We can help you with that. Not only do we make excellent client focused content but we share our expertise. For free. This is part blog, part business, a blogness (is that a thing? It is now!)*. This is a passion; the dream of making a living as a creative.

House of Sunshine is Kevin Mahy, ‘intensively enthusiastic pointer of cameras at things’, and a growing group of like minded collaborators. Getting involved in hospital radio in 1999 started Kevin’s love of media and its ability to reach out to people. Since then he has been involved in a wide range of… ok… This IS Kevin, I’m writing this not someone else; let’s dispense with this whole charade of ‘writing my bio in the third person’ thing because that’s not my style.

I love what I do and what I do goes beyond ‘pointing cameras at things for money’. Creating content with you is a collaborative experience. We both want the same outcome, a great production. So that’s what I do; work alongside you to understand what it is that you’re after and use my expertise help you make it what you need.

Usually you find lists of the kinds of things that people do. It gives you an idea of their capabilities. This is useful, yes, but I really don’t like it**. It can pigeonhole, come off as egotistical, or seem like someone is saying they can do everything! I love to learn, to problem solve and to meet new challenges. I also know where my limits are*** and work with people who are far more talented than I am at those things. You may well find these people cropping up in the blog part of this blogness.

So, what IS it all about? – Creating opportunities to work with and help people. Sharing and enjoying a passion and practice. Feeding the need to create, learn and communicate.


House of Sunshine – Shedding fresh light.


* Terry Pratchett was a huge influence on my use of the asterix

** If you really want to see it, you may find it here tucked away.

*** Playing music and singing, mostly…

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