Two months(ish) in.

A couple of months into being self employed and things are going well. Initially I was fearful about being able to win work and enough to support myself and my family. Since then I’ve met some great people who have been excited by what I’m doing and the ideas I’ve come up with. Networking and meeting people is one of the best things about my job; I love hearing their stories and ideas for their businesses. It certainly gets my creativity sparking thinking about how I could help them show their passions and professionalism to a wider audience.

Getting set up and started has taken a lot more time and been far more involved than I imagined and there is still plenty more to do! Getting this site set up and starting to look like I want, starting and continuing the various social media outlets, logo/branding design (by my very talented sister-in-law) and business cards, public liability insurance, mobile phones… The list goes on!

I’m close to finishing my first fully self employed promo film for Alusid. It’s been a great experience and their product and ethos are excellent. During production I discovered that my wife does a great voice over, can’t wait to to be able to unleash her ‘full frontal northern’ voice! We didn’t use that take but; oh! how we laughed! I’m very much looking forwards to being able to share the finished film soon.

So what does the future look like? Pretty good and a bit less scary than I imagined.

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