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The digital community has a cacophonous chorus of voices; shouting at or with each other. To this I will be adding my own. I’ve been tweeting (@kevsunshine) for some time and now seems time to expand on those pithy vignettes.

5th September 2016

Why now? This year has seen some big (and scary!) changes and there’s still 3 months left! As we begin a bumpy descent back into Manchester, after a busy but fun filled fortnight visiting friends and family in Guernsey, it occurs to me that now seems the right time. I’ve left my job to become self employed and we’ve decided to relocate ourselves from the North West to the island of my birth. This will take me away from my wife and kids for some time as I establish a ‘beachhead’ there for them to smoothly transition to. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I’m an independent video producer. It’s what I do and I love doing it. After a little bit of canvasing over a local cider or two in the last fortnight, I think there are some great stories to be told about some incredible people and what they do. The island has always had a very creative community be it in the arts, industry or survival; something borne out of the necessity of it’s relative isolation. If it isn’t available or provided for, you have to make it for yourself.

I witnessed this first hand with the local alternative music scene. It has grown from young covers bands in function rooms to a wide range of madly talented acts and birthed a festival that has survived 12 years of madness! These things happened before and will happen again, but through friends, bands, fanzines and beer we carved out something we wanted that wasn’t provided for us.

I want to live in Guernsey and make a living helping people with the films I make and the passion for video and media I have. That job doesn’t exist. So I will make it for myself.

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